Ten Steps to Success

Why is lead a concern?

Lead levels that exceed the action limit in drinking water may pose a health threat to both children and adults. Children are at higher risk, as lead is absorbed more easily due to their continued development as they grow. Lead can cause learning or behavioral disabilities, hearing loss, high blood pressure, lower I.Q. in children, kidney damage, premature birth, and other adverse health effects. Which is why it’s so important to understand the quality of your drinking water.

Westchester Environmental made it a goal to establish a universal game plan that could be translated to any school district or facility that sought to understand the quality of their water. In doing so, we created our lead testing program called “Ten Steps to Success”.

  1. Pre-proposal meeting: Introductions and review of information required to prepare a proposal at no cost.
  2. Proposal: Westchester Environmental furnishes a highly cost competitive, technical, and organized proposal at no cost
  3. Sampling & Analysis Plan: Westchester Environmental will review the plan with the district staff
  4. School Walk-Through: To evaluate and tag the sample locations prior to system flushing or collection
  5. Laboratory Coordination: Westchester Environmental will assume all coordination with the lab, ensuring sample analysis and reporting is conducted in a timely and effective manner.
  6. Sample Collection: Our trained staff will conduct sampling following protocols established in the Sampling & Analysis Plan.
  7. Data Review: Westchester Environmental will review the laboratory results and will notify the school district with a verbal confirmation of points that exceeded the lead action limits.
  8. Final report: Our report will include a comparison of data to the lead action limits established and make recommendations in accordance with state regulations. Remediation advice on how to handle points that exceed any action limits will be included in the report.
  9. Follow-up Sampling: Westchester Environmental will consult and coordinate with the school district for any post-remediation sampling that might be required
  10. Public Meeting Support: Available to attend and provide any support should the district require it.


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