Environmental Compliance Services

Environmental Compliance Services

Westchester Environmental will address compliance with the following environmental regulations:

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA)

Asbestos Building Inspection

  • A thorough inspection conducted by a certified Asbestos Building Inspector to locate, quantify, assess the condition and the friability of asbestos containing or suspect asbestos containing building materials in the facility.
  • A report of findings of the location, quantity and condition of materials inspected, an assessment of the extent of damage and potential for future damage of materials inspected.
  • The report will be submitted to an accredited Management Planner and a written Asbestos Management Plan will be developed for each building inspected according to the AHERA.
  • An Asbestos Management Plan will be developed for each building inspected according to the AHERA. In New Jersey, the Management Plan will be prepared using “A” through “Q” forms developed by the NJ Department of Health.

Six Month Surveillance

  • A visual inspection of those asbestos-containing or suspect asbestos-containing building materials listed in the facility’s Asbestos Management Plan.
  • A report of findings of change in condition of materials inspected and recommendations for repairs (as needed).
  • Form for the required annual notification of parents and employees concerning asbestos in district facilities.
  • Furnish Asbestos Warning Labels for placement in “Routine Maintenance Areas” inspected (as needed).

Right to Know (RTK) Labeling and Survey

  • On site inventory of all chemicals and products on the Hazardous Substance List.
  • Proper labeling of all applicable product and substance containers for hazardous and top five ingredients as determined by the DHSS.
  • Central file review at each location.
  • MSDS analysis and update for new products.
  • Preparation of the RTK survey utilizing currently authorized Right to Know Survey.
  • Forms (due in July of each year).
  • Coordination and delivery of seven copies of the completed current annual Right to Know.
  • Survey Forms to the client’s office with instructions for distribution.

Environmental Education and Training

Westchester Environmental will address compliance with the following environmental regulations:

Asbestos Awareness training for custodial and maintenance employees

In accordance with the federal OSHA General Industry Asbestos Standard (29 CFR 1910.1001) which was adopted by NJ PEOSH, Asbestos Awareness Training is required on an annual basis. Our program is designed specifically to meet the requirements of the standard.

PEOSH HCS (RTK) Training

Education and Training in accordance with the NJ PEOSH Hazard Communication Standard which will satisfy the RTK training requirement will be provided for employees exposed or potentially exposed to the hazardous chemicals identified in the New Jersey Hazardous Substance List. All Westchester training will be provided by technically qualified persons as required by PEOSH.

Every employee who works with or has the potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals under normal conditions of use or in foreseeable emergencies must receive initial and refresher training on the safe use of those hazardous chemicals. Employee refresher training, an abbreviated version of the initial training is required every two years.

Blood Borne Pathogens (BBP) – HIV (AIDS) or HBV (Hepatitis B)

Annual review of Exposure Control Plan (ECP), training records and HBV (Hepatitis B) immunization documents. Employers are required to provide initial training for employees who have anticipated occupational exposure. This training must cover all the major parts of the standard and be repeated annually. Employers must provide additional training when changes in tasks or procedures affect the employee’s occupational exposure.

Westchester Environmental Management Program will provide proactive services to the educational institution. Our experienced staff will ensure that all work contracted for is performed in a timely manner so that reports are available for submittal to regulatory agencies by mandated due dates. The work will be scheduled with the client when services are due.

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