Underground Storage Tanks, Soil and Water Services

services-tank1Westchester Environmental can provide Underground Tank Closure services

During Tank Closures we will make sure of the following:

  1. The Contractor shall be familiar with the locations of all public utility facilities and structures that may be found in the vicinity of the suspected USTs.
  2. The Contractor shall provide notification to local utilities prior to commencement of on-site work so that known utilities can be identified and clearly marked.
  3. The Contractor shall conduct his operation to avoid damage to the utilities or structures.
  4. The Contractor is responsible for meeting all requirements established by the agencies for utility work, as well as work affecting utilities and other government agencies.
  5. The Contractor and the company retained for removal of the suspected containers/USTs must be certified by PADEP for tank closures and must be licensed in Philadelphia to remove USTs.
  6. The Contractor shall excavate a sufficient amount of soil/fill material from the area surrounding the suspected buried containers/UST(s) to facilitate removal.
  7. The excavated material will be field-screened using a photoionization detector (PID).
  8. Excavated material that exhibit PID readings above 50 parts per million (ppm) shall be either temporarily stockpiled separately on six-mil polyethylene sheeting by the Contractor and as directed by the Owner’s Environmental Representative or transported to an appropriate disposal facility.
  9. The Contractor shall remove the suspected containers/tanks from the excavation and place them in a secure area on the site as directed in the Specifications.
  10. The sides of the suspected containers/tanks shall be chocked in accordance with the manufacturer’s requirements to prevent rolling.
  11. The outsides of the suspected buried containers/tanks shall be cleaned of all loose material to ensure safe transport.
  12. The Contractor shall label the suspected containers/tanks in accordance with API 1604 before removal from the site.
  13. The Contractor shall render the clean suspected containers/tanks unsuitable for future use as required in API 1604.
  14. The Contractor shall legally dispose of suspected buried containers/tanks and  provide the Owner’s Environmental Representative with receipts to verify that the suspected buried containers/tanks and associated piping were properly disposed.

Westchester Environmental can also provide:

  • Soil Remediation services
  • Surface and sub-surface water monitoring for physical, biological and chemical agents