Phase II – Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Phase II photoThe findings of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment will generally determine the necessity for a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment. When deemed necessary, a Phase II ESA will be conducted.

The primary objective of a Phase II ESA is to determine whether Controlled Recognized Environmental Conditions that were identified during the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment have resulted in an impact to soil or groundwater at the site in order to allow the proposed future use of the site by the client.

Westchester Environmental will prepare a Work Plan detailing the areas of concern and sample collection activities of the study. A Work Plan will be prepared based on the documents and information that are available services-phase2under the direction of a Professional Geologist. The Phase II study will include collection of samples to determine the impact to soil or groundwater at the site. Other activities will include preparation of Health and Safety Plans, marking of underground utilities, flagging of sample locations, GPR and EM Services as required.

We will prepare a written report documenting activities conducted during the Phase II ESA and a summary of our findings including recommendations regarding the need for additional investigations and remediation as needed.