Lead Hazard Services

Lead Hazard Services

Our experienced staff performs Lead-Based Paint Surveys and Risk Assessments, and has the capability to inspect, assess, and manage Lead-Based Paint concerns related to the use, renovation, demolition of buildings and structures.

Lead Risk Assessment

Westchester Environmental will assess the risk of lead in building in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Guidance for the evaluation and control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in housing and all applicable Federal, State, and Local Guidelines.

Lead-Based Paint Testing

The testing for Lead Based Paint is accomplished by:

  • Paint Chip Sampling and tested in a lab by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS
  • Testing for Lead in Paint using an X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Lead in Paint Spectrum Analyzer.

To test for Lead in paint, Westchester Environmental will provide a competent Lead Inspector Risk Assessor. We can also conduct testing for lead in soil, water, and air in accordance with US regulatory agencies' standards.

Lead Final Clearance Testing

After lead-based paint stabilization and/or abatement, lead Final Clearance Testing will be conducted via wipe sampling in accordance with the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Guidance for the Evaluation and Control of Lead-Based Paint Hazards in Housing.

When applicable, soil samples will be collected in addition to wipe samples to satisfy clearance criteria. Wipe and soil samples will be analyzed via EPA SW-846 method 7420.

Lead in Drinking Water

Westchester Environmental has earned a reputation as a go-to provider for lead testing in drinking water at public schools. Our staff has collected tens of thousands of water samples from numerous school districts in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We have successfully completed the lead water testing program for 100% of the schools that have used our services. Our field staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable of the unique and distinct state school lead testing requirements. The experience gives us a competitive edge due to our efficiency in conducting the sample collection and in the generation of the required documentation and reporting.

Our technical staff work directly with the schools to review the data and, if needed, discuss potential remedial options. Westchester Environmental has also worked directly with state regulators on the implementation of the program. We also have worked directly with the laboratory manager, Project Manager and Quality Assurance officer, to develop the Sampling Plan and the Quality Assurance Project Plans necessary to assure the testing requirements are met.

Our sampling and analysis program is used to help school districts manage their drinking water. The key objectives of this program are to identify locations, collect samples and test (analyze for lead) the drinking water provided by a Public Water Supply (PWS) at each designated school facility. Sources may include faucets or taps, various types of drinking water fountains, ice machines and targeted areas in the plumbing.

Successful completion of the program requires a collaborative effort between the school and our firm.  Westchester Environmental created the “Ten Steps to Success” program to review with each school. We communicate closely with school staff including building & grounds directors, business administrators and superintendents as needed to schedule the testing and review any questions throughout the testing program.

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