• Philadelphia Phase I assessments

    Environmental Site Assessments for the PHL Capacity Enhancement Program

    Westchester Environmental LLC is the subcontractor for providing Environmental Site Assessments Phase I and Phase II for the Capacity Enhancement Program of the Philadelphia International Airport.

  • Philadelphia Phase I assessments

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

    Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of the International Plaza 1 and 2 for the Capacity Enhancement Program of the Philadelphia International Airport.

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Environmental Consulting and Monitoring Engineers Serving the Tri-State Region.

Westchester Environmental is an Environmental Engineering, Monitoring and Consulting Company, staffed by professionals who have been actively engaged in the field since 1990 in the Greater Philadelphia Area, City of Philadelphia, State of New Jersey and the State of Delaware. We are licensed and insured to provide a full range of specialized services to meet a variety of environmental, health and safety needs.

Our Environmental Engineers, Professional Geologists and Industrial Hygienists provide Philadelphia and New Jersey environmental consulting services. We specialize in Phase I Environmental Site Assessments and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments; Surface and Subsurface Evaluations – Soil and Groundwater Testing; Inspections of Buildings for Hazardous Materials – Asbestos Inspections, Asbestos Testing Services, Lead inspections, Lead Testing Services, PCBs and other Universal Waste Inspection Services; Mold Inspections and Indoor Air Quality Studies; Dust Monitoring and Environmental Compliance Services.

Our professionals are trained and certified to safely survey and monitor specific testing needs and have a proven track record of excellence and reliability with many satisfied customers. Our pricing structure is highly competitive and tailored to meet the requirements of each client – big or small.

“We create clean environments”