Locust Street, Philadelphia PA

Westchester Environmental was tasked with monitoring the abatement of joint compound found in 312 apartment units to ensure our client remains in compliance with the City of Philadelphia Air Management Asbestos Control Regulations (ACR), Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA), USEPA 40.CFR Part 61, and all other applicable regulations. The project monitoring and air sample collection is being carried out by Westchester Environmental personnel that are City of Philadelphia licensed Asbestos Project Inspectors.

This project is unique due to the various moving parts, across multiple companies working together to accomplish these abatements. Apartments must be cleaned and prepped prior to abatement, but the most crucial piece of all is coordinating which rooms have had their water turned off.

Without the water being shut off, the specified apartments can not be prepped, as the kitchen utilities can not be removed from the apartment, which has acted as a hard stop for certain blocks in the abatement schedule. By working with the building owner, contractor, and residents we have navigated through this challenge by modifying these set blocks to work around any water hold-ups.

The project is anticipated to last one year, with the goal of completing one room each day in its entirety and will face whatever challenge this job might reveal in the future.

Photo by Trev Adams

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