Lead Hazard Services

Frequently Asked Questions about Lead

What are the risk factors for childhood lead exposure?
Children under the age of 6 are at the greatest risk for health problems caused by lead exposure because their bodies are still developing. Young children tend to put their hands or other objects, that may be contaminated with lead dust, into their mouths. Ensuring you know where those potential lead hazards may be is a critical first step in preventing lead exposure.

How do you find out if a child has been exposed to lead?
A blood test is the only way to find out if a child has been exposed to lead.

Can lead affect an unborn baby during pregnancy?
If exposed to lead during a pregnancy, the developing baby can also be exposed

Does Westchester Environmental do lead abatement?
Unfortunately, we are not a certified lead abatement contractor. However, we do know some great lead abatement companies we’ve worked with in the past that we can put you in contact with.

How can I find out if my water contains lead?
Lead cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted in drinking water. The best way to know if your drinking water has lead is to have a lead test conducted on the water.  Many public water providers have data on drinking water quality, including lead levels, as part of their annual reports.

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