personnel1In providing environmental, health and safety services, we provide personnel who are trained, certified and licensed as per Federal, State and Local Requirements and have had the opportunity to oversee a variety of projects. All personnel are members of Professional Environmental Associations and are up to date with environmental, health, safety, occupational and building codes and regulations. The experience and knowledge available within the company will more than adequately satisfy any environmental requirements with respect to inspections, regulatory compliance, abatement monitoring, collection of appropriate and representative samples, record keeping, laboratory services, notifications or any service that would be required in responding to and addressing specific environmental concerns.

Westchester Environmental LLC has a wide range of professionals comprising of:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists
  • Professional Geologists
  • personnel2Certified Environmental Inspectors
  • Asbestos Safety Technicians / Asbestos Project Inspectors
  • Asbestos Investigators
  • Lead Inspectors / Risk Assessors
  • EPA-AHERA Certified Building Inspectors, Management Planners
  • NIOSH 582 Trained Analysts
  • Chemists
  • Business Administrators
  • Mechanical, Process and Environmental Engineers